About Us

Who we are

    • BCCS was established in 2010 by a few enthusiastic people of the Bangladeshi community with the aim that it will serve the Bangladeshi community and other South -Asian communities, in order to integrate them to mainstream Canadian society. BCCS has a clear mission and vision through which it wants to become one of the best community services provider within our community. It should be noted that BCCS has already proven that it is moving forward by being recognized by the CRA as a charitable organization in 2014.


The Bangladesh Centre and Community Services (BCCS) aims to empower South Asian newcomer communities living in Toronto in their transition to social and economic integration in Canadian society.


To assist the newcomer community and connect them with Canadian society through the enhancement of knowledge and skills.


      • Responsive and sensitive to the needs of our clients, volunteers, members and other stakeholders
      • Promote the independence and dignity of people within the communities
      • Active participant in the community
      •  An organization that operates in an efficient and transparent manner through a participatory process

Funder and Donors

      • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
      • Provincial Government
      • Federal Government
      • Community Donors




First of all I would like to thank all who have been with us from the very beginning of commencement of BCCS in 2010. After many ups and downs now BCCS is one of the most popular community organizations in the city. We have started with a very limited services and programs but today our list of services is very long including quite a few funded programs. All these became possible due to the sincere supports from the community and all walks of people.

We are determined to grow more with more services and programs to doors of our community members. We care about our youth, we care about seniors and of course our women. Our program committee is working on new programs/services keeping in mind the necessity of our community.

Your support and encouragement will help us to reach our goals.

Thank you again.
Hasina Quader
President, Bangladesh Centre Community Services (BCCS)



  • South Riverdale Community Health Center
  • Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)
  • Bangladesh-Canadian Community Services (BCS)

  • South Asian Women’s Rights Organization (SAWRO)
  • Bangladesh Association of Toronto Ontario (BOUT)
  • Greater Dhaka Association Canada Inc. (GDA)
  • Rexdale Women’s Centre
  • Costi Immigrant Services
  • Warden Woods Community Center
  • Access Alliance
  • Danforth Village BIA