Skills Development

Computer training

Many new immigrants and refugees, particularly elderly and seniors, are not familiar with computer technology, email and the Internet. Accordingly, the organization offers new immigrants and refugees who are seniors a program introducing them to computers through practical hands-on training. The program will teach the participants the basics of operating a computer, how to use e-mail, how to use of Skype, social media and basic Microsoft office suite (Word and Excel). The sessions are being offered by our youth volunteers of the organization on a weekly basis.








Sewing Program

This program is aimed at specifically women of South Asian origin. Many South Asian women tend to stay at home and many of them face difficulties making their traditional clothes (petticoat, blouse etc.) in Canada. This creates a high demand in making South Asian clothing and there are only a few home-based sewing businesses at the moment. The aim of this program is to teach the women to make their own and their families’ clothes, and at the same time provide them with skills to earn income by doing alterations and making traditional outfits for others in the South Asian community while they are raising their children. These women also will have the opportunity to look for work outside home. The program teaches the participants various skills, including operating a sewing machine and taking measurements of people as part of the fitting process and completing a dress. The program consists of 12 sessions a year.






English Conversation Circle

The courses are designed to give participants basic skills in vocabulary and pronunciation. As well, the courses will also focus on training participants in reading and comprehension skills, thereby enabling them to access mainstream services, such as employment programs, health services, doctor’s office, banking, housing, communication with their children’s schools/day care, etc. The English-language courses are offered weekly and are an ongoing program of the organization.