Akhter Ahmed

Since I immigrated to Canada I was looking for an organization where I could use my free time serving the community. I found BCCS to be very suitable for me due to their programs and services. I am enjoying working with BCCS as a volunteer, sometimes as a mentor. I am very happy with the BCCS team. I hope BCCS will grow more while addressing the issues of our community.

Rahat Zaman

I started volunteering with BCCS about 5 years ago. I have made many friends through volunteering, and now I am engaged in various projects as a peer leader. I believe BCCS will move forward while addressing issues that exist in our community.

Syeda Amatul Fatema

Sewing is my passion. When I decided to take some sewing lessons I chose BCCS. I successfully complete the BCCS sewing course and now I have opened my own shop. I am grateful to BCCS for their cooperation to bring me up to this position. Wish BCCS all the best.

Fahmida Rahman Mita

I started as a volunteer, and later when I got a job at Rexdale Women’s Centre, I was sent to BCCS to work as a settlement counselor to serve the Bangladeshi community. It was a great experience working with BCCS team. BCCS is the best!